Casa Santa Elena History

Casa Santa Elena History

True to our origins

A space full of history and spirituality, from Can Vicenç to Casa Santa Elena

Between forests, in a valley of silent peace, advancing along a path flanked by cypress trees whimsically cut, we arrive at a large, cosy house, originally called Can Vicenç, named today as Casa Santa Elena.

From the 19th century, the Vicenç de Solius family were of noble descent, rich landowners with many possessions. The family helped young people with limited resources to study. They were hospitable, whoever knocked on the door could have a plate on the table and a bed to rest.

The farmhouse was abandoned in 1957, when it was acquired by the Instituto de Religiosas de San José de Gerona with the aim of rehabilitating it and turning it into a place of peace and meeting of its nuns, to encourage reflection and spirituality. Finally, in 2004, the house was built as we know it today with the intention of being the perfect place to develop spiritual retreats, highlighting the spiritual and natural assets of the Solius Valley, to the point that they chose to convert it, and to condition it in the hotel as a paradigm of well-being, peace, silence and self-reunion.

This leap was made possible by the fact that the Sisters professionalized the organizational structure and chose a team of experienced professionals to be in charge of the hotel management of Casa Santa Elena. The spiritual goodness of the establishment was balanced with a sustainable offer, attractive and adapted to the needs of travellers seeking a place of well-being and peace for meetings, reflection and rest.



Social projects of IRSJG

Casa Santa Elena contributes with part of it profits to the social work of the Instituto de Religiosas de San José de Gerona.

This work is mainly carried out in Africa and Latin America, in impoverished areas, often in conflict situations, where access to basic health care, education or dignified care in old age is very difficult.

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