Casa Santa Elena

Casa Santa Elena

Be where you want to be

A place of peace and calm, accessible, comfortable and committed to the environment, with large garden areas and an exceptional natural environment.

Casa Santa Elena has 82 rooms with private bathrooms and garden views (double, single and adapted), multipurpose rooms equipped for presentations, training sessions and wellness activities, two dining rooms, common areas, chapels to pray or meditate that are always open, and exteriors gardens that are a real privilege for the senses.

An ideal space for activities and workshops that help to achieve physical and emotional well-being through meditation, relaxation techniques, tai chi, yoga, mindfulness, or through spiritual retreats of different durations and with the possibility of religious accompaniment.

A perfect spot for meeting and find serenity, ideal for those who want to find their space for reflection, tranquillity as a couple, disconnection, families fun away from the daily hustle and bustle, or companies that want to do training sessions and strengthen the links between their professionals.

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