Spiritual exercises

Spiritual exercises are done to deepen the gospel of Jesus Christ and break the inner bonds that keep us from being truly free to love.

The method used is what St. Ignatius embodied in the Book of Spiritual Exercises, helping, over the past 400 years, countless women and men to find God and give meaning to their lives. The book, written in a concise style, is aimed primarily at people who guide the exercises.

How the Spiritual Exercises work

You will have the opportunity to work on your inner life hand in hand with a Father who will guide and help you to have the Spirit act in you and to transform, free your heart from bonds and allow yourself seeking and doing the will of God in your life.

Personal accompaniment will allow you to be guided in the process, discovering God’s will in your own life, and encourage and strengthen your commitment.

It’s only required:

It is also necessary to set aside time for personal prayer and intimacy with God, to reconsider experiences, and to examine them in order to discover their deepest meaning.

Give yourself the opportunity to live calmly to find your way. Let yourself be.

Exercise Director: Father

Price: € 392

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