Committed to the essence

We take care of nature and our environment, with ethical and responsible tourism

At Casa Santa Elena we are committed to a new way of doing things with the circular economy as a flagship, reducing the waste generated to a minimum and practicing an integral ecology that not only takes into account the environment, but also its inseparable relationship with people, society and values.

In order to preserve the environment and reduce the waste generated, we take the following measures to:

  • We buy locally to reduce our carbon footprint and promote local development.
  • We buy products made from noble materials that generate circularity.
  • We buy products with the least amount of packaging possible.
  • We replace plastic materials with recyclable materials.
  • At the kitchen, we use materials with less plastic or BPA content to reduce the impact they generate.
  • There are containers for waste paper and packaging/plastics on each floor, so that clients can collaborate in the separation of waste.

  • We use LED lights, which have a much lower energy consumption, offering the same power and having a much longer service life.
  • We have installed presence sensors throughout the house so that the light is turned on only when necessary.
  • We have solar panels that heat much of the water, minimizing the impact of other supplies.
  • We have a plan to expand solar panels to profit from the sun as a source of electricity for the house.

We obtain water for the property through wells, reusing the irrigation water through the subsoil and accumulating it in ponds.

  • We reduce water consumption by means of aerating filters on the taps, reducing the flow by 40%.
  • In the house, the largest expenditure on water is generated by cleaning and laundry services. In order to reduce the impact of the products used and reduce water consumption:
    • We use cleaning products with the ecolabel seal, which are less aggressive towards nature and have biodegradable packaging.
    • We change towels and bed linen every 72 hours, although if you need them before, you just have to ask us.
    • We clean up the liquid waste we generate, so if you use disposable wipes, please dispose of them with the rest of the waste in the bin. This will help improve water purification.
    • We have a source of water at your disposal so that you can fill your bottle whenever you want, without generating plastic waste.
    • Following the same principle, in our restaurant we serve filtered water in reusable glass bottles.
    • In addition, the plants and trees we have are autogenous they do not require special treatment or seasonal changes. We do not use nature as a decorative element; we are at her house and we take care of her.

Our commitment beyond words

As you can see, we are constantly moving and committed to reducing our environmental impact, improving day by day, gesture by gesture.

Earth caring

In addition to reusing, recycling and reducing consumption, we can all collaborate by adopting small changes into our daily routines.

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